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Forget the binders.
Experience easy compliance using MedTrainer’s Safety Data Sheet online solution.

Federal regulations require your employees to have immediate access to all updated SDSs without leaving their work area.

Are you in compliance?

Violation of SDS regulations can result in fines of over $12,000, so it’s important to have an SDS for every product containing hazardous or potentially hazardous constituent. That can be a lot of Safety Data Sheets.

How many dozens, if not hundreds, of SDS pages does your organization have? Most organizations keep these in huge binders, stashed in different cabinets around the facility. Then every new SDS that arrives has to be copied and added to all the binders. There are better uses of your time, don’t you agree?

To simplify, you might be tempted to throw away old SDS, but it’s in your organization’s best interest to keep them so you can show proof that you supplied all the protective equipment and procedures necessary according to the SDS you had at the time.

So now that we know we need to keep ALL the SDSs, that’s even more to manage!

For McKesson products, SDSs upload automatically. Our support team is on standby to help. Easily print a hard copy as a backup, if needed. Instant access across your organization. For all other product SDSs, upload from our database. That’s right — you don’t have to do anything! Just place your McKesson order and the appropriate SDSs will auto-populate in your MedTrainer digital library within two business days. Don’t see a particular SDSs? Easy! Just request an upload and we’ll have it ready for you within two business days. All SDSs Sheets located in the SDSs library can be easily viewed, printed, or prepared for a bulk print if administration wishes to maintain an offline copy as well. Get organization-wide online access to all your SDSs sheets so they’re always nearby and ready if needed. Search our database of over 1 million SDSs and upload the ones you need to your MedTrainer digital library.

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