Documents and Policies

Manage all your company policies and key signatures in one place.

Employee Signatures

Make it easy to have employees sign important documents, all within an easy to use system.

Automatic Assignment Per Role

Assign each task to each person or role, and track their completion.

Notification of Renewals

Be alerted when something hasn’t been completed or needs to be renewed. Easily report on outstanding documents to be signed.

Everything Under One Roof

Talk to our team to build the package that meets your exact needs


Modules can be bundled together for a custom package.

Utilizing MedTrainer’s learning system makes it easy to assign,
manage and complete training from any location at any time

Your Industry is Different

See the bundles we’ve built for you.

  • Community Health Centers
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Laboratories
  • Physician Office/Specialist
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Long-Term Care/Assisted Living

…. and many more

Training experts, Compliance gurus, Credentialing pros, Accreditation afficionados. Our team is full of people to help make your entire onboarding and ongoing processes simple.

Manage your SDS digitally, no more notebooks full of paper!
Pre-formatted templates for OSHA required safety plans

Policy and Procedures FAQs

Can I target a specific department in the organization to review policy and procedures?

Yes! MedTrainer enables an administrator to assign policy reviews to all staff, independent departments, and individual employees depending on the needs of your practice.

Will my employees be able to access policy and procedures on their own?

Yes! With MedTrainer, your employees will have immediate access to all policies and procedures on a dashboard whenever they log in to the system.

How can I keep track of employee acceptance once they’ve been provided documentation of policy and procedures?

Our program enables you to independently access employee records, track acknowledgments, and assign reminders for policies that have not been reviewed by the employee yet.

Can policies and procedures be printed from the administrator dashboard?

Yes! All policies and procedures can be easily printed from the main program in the order that employees have access to physical copies.

Is the digital signature option complicated to use?

No. The signature and date fields can be matched precisely to your paperwork, allowing for seamless placement of employee acknowledgments on your digital copies.