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Effortlessly optimize Equipment Management to save money and prevent failures


Without an automated system, medical equipment management is nearly impossible to manage properly

Become the hero and save your organization from unexpected equipment disasters, not to mention thousands upon thousands of dollars in extra expenses!

Why you need Equipment Lifecycle Management

It’s a nightmare situation – a vital piece of equipment suddenly malfunctions and you can’t provide needed services to patients. Searching for the paper maintenance log, you see it hasn’t been updated in 18 months.
Your accreditation status may even be at risk from malfunctioning equipment and incomplete documentation. Yikes!

Medical equipment management across your organization is a huge responsibility, and we help you prevent this kind of catastrophe without adding any extra work.

MedTrainer’s Equipment Lifecycle Management Tool helps you set the maintenance and monitoring process on auto-pilot so you can stop preventable equipment failures and extend the life of your organization’s most expensive hard assets.

Medical Equipment Planning for Organizations Big and Small

Whether you have one small facility or a large organization spanning dozens of locations, our Equipment Lifecycle Management Tool will become your new best friend. Organize equipment by location, features, departments, and more. So you can assess the status of all your equipoment at-a-glance.

Seamless Collaboration for Medical Equipment Management

It’s easy to make sure the right people are on task with MedTrainer. Set automated alerts and reminders for the staff members who perform maintenance and checks for each piece of equipment.
Authorize which staff members can use certain equipment so it’s crystal clear.

How does our Equipment Lifecycle Management software work?

1. Upload Equipment information, locations, warranties, maintenance contracts, manuals, and photos

2. Choose the staff who are authorized to use the equipment

3. Set a preventive maintenance schedule based on the manufacturer’s recommendations

4. Predetermined staff members get automatic alerts when they need to perform maintenance

5. Staff members can log repairs or maintenance performed in your online MedTrainer portal so you know the status of all your equipment with just a few clicks

Once equipment is registered

1. Review the information and authorized staff at any time 2 . The log will show when the equipment has an upcoming maintenance date due and create automated alerts and reminders 3. Record repairs done to the equipment 4. Upload any maintenance or repair documentation

Looking for more compliance tips and tricks?

“MedTrainer gives us the ability to complete incident reports digitally. Having access to multiple educational items has made a huge difference in our staff education. Incident reports are no longer floating around on paper and working to keep track when resolution is needed. It is all in one place the entire time.”


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“MedTrainer makes it easier to keep track of tasks that need to be completed and not being overdue.”

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